Drumming Up Trouble, BLACKTRUFFLE094, LP to be released September 2022



Community Garden, with Walter Prati, CD Da Vinci Classics C00405 and digital album, 2021


Fiori Chiari, Fiori Oscuri rereleased as digital album and LP by Black Truffle, 078, 2021 



The Works rereleased on LP by Our Swimmer, welle 101LP, 2021



Inner Cities 1-11 for piano, performed by Gabriella Smart (digital album only)




Café Grand Abyss by Jon Rose & Alvin Curran - ReR Megacorp, JRAC, 2019 (CD/DL).  "In this record, “intricacy” rhymes with “poetry”" - Toneshift (Massimo Ricci) "Jon Rose and Alvin Curran on terrifying form . . . a duo made in heaven" - soundohm “A sonic feast” - dusted magazine (Marc Medwin) “Throat-gripping intensity” The Sydney Morning Herald (John Shand) “Joy and thrill" - baze.djunkiii “A wild ride around the free improvisation cabaret circuit” - Music Trust E-Zine (Michael Hannan) 


Dead Beats, performed by Reinier Van Houdt. 2-CD set, Moving Furniture Records, 2019. Available also as a digital album. “A Borgesian library of wonders . . . truly the music of our time by one of the greatest composers, by one of the best pianists of our time.” - Vital Weekly (Sven Schlijper-Karssenberg) "A silence in which one can float, in abeyance, drenched in a redundant, reminiscent luminous trail" - Toneshift (Giuseppe Pisano) "Halcyon and pristine"- Borealiscape "Opens up the richness and abundance of simple material" - Willem Twee "Thrilling and unnerving polarities of density and energy" Bandcamp (Peter Margasak)


Canti Illuminati, re-release on LP. Blume 13, 2019. Also available as digital album.


Endangered Species, 2-CD set. New World Records 80804, 2018. Also available as a digital album. "Endangered Species states, restates, correlates, instigates, inflates and deflates, elevates, formulates, disintegrates, interrogates, percolates, granulates, germinates, Kiss Me Kates, Tom Waits, Norman Bates and W.B. Yeats, horripilates, adumbrates, prestidigitates, sophisticates, enumerates, integrates and contraindicates songs from the standard repertoire" - from liner notes by Clark Coolidge "Entertaining and startling, Endangered Species extends an irresistible invitation to share Curran's enduring pleasure in a fine tune and a fresh twist" - Julian Cowley (The Wire) "Nobody can quite create a narrative like this today save Alvin Curran . . . an essential of the now of New Music. It is a work to experience in multiple ways and ideally multiple times." Grego Applegate Edwards "A compelling dynamic between idiomatic fluency and subversive conceptualism . . . he does what Coolidge says that “jazzguys” do – give old songs new life." - Bill Shoemaker (Point of Departure) "High-wire keyboard wizardry . . . His radical 16-minute re- composition of ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’’ speaks most powerfully, Curran’s stuttering deconstruction of Waller’s theme slamming into howling dogs, sexual groans, pockets of hip-hop scratching . . ." - Philip Clark (Jazzwise) "a genuinely successful hybrid” - Marginal Revolution (Tyler Cowen)  

Canti E Vedute Del Giardino Magnetico (Songs and Views from the Magnetic Garden) vinyl LP. Superior Viaduct / SV129 LP, 2018. Reissue of the original 1975 Ananda LP. "For some years, it’s been extremely tricky to find. One reason that its reappearance on Superior Viaduct marks a delight. A second reason to welcome Curran’s sonic horticulture back to the present is its evergreen freshness of form and content." - Louise Gray (The Wire) "Beautiful early solo work… Curran mixes source recordings with bits of voice, electronics, percussion, chimes, and even kalimba – elements that bring an acoustic spirit to the recording that's really wonderful" (Dusty Groove)

From The Alvin Curran Fakebook: The Biella Sessions. Dodicilune CD(ed 386), 2017 and digital album. "A four-way conversation of rare interest and depth for these times. Listen to it. Attentively." - Alessandro Nobis; "Electronics, improv, free jazz, minimalism, folk, and ethnic cohabit, transfigured into a vital, cohesive contemporary scenario" - Paolo Carradori (Alfadisco) "outstanding" - avantscena

The Irrawaddy Blues, a Documenta 14 online release, 2017. For Every Time A Ear di Soun in collaboration with Deutschlandfunk Kultur.


On Hearing the Brooklyn Bridge Sing in Yiddish. SWR Digital: SWR10342H, 2016. Available for listening or download


Natural History Vinyl LP. Black Truffle (BlackTruffle022LP), 2016; vinyl LP also available as mp3 download. Reprint of original 1974 cassette. "Remarkably beautiful . . . His knack for tweezing nearly spiritual resonance out of even the most quotidian sound sources is certain to knock your wig off" - Other Minds "Kind of like the Holy Grail" - juno "Ever-changing perspectives" - Angelo Borelli "A grand oratorio of everyday life." - Brian Morton, The Wire


Inner Cities 8 performed by Canadian pianist Eve Egoyan, Other Minds Live series. "From a remarkable cycle of memory-infused ear quests and dream-driven sound trails" - Julian Cowley (The Wire) Available for download


Shofar Rags, Tzadik #8176, 2013, and digital album. "An extraordinary album" - Debbie Feder (Association of Jewish Libraries Reviews) "Alvin Curran blows the shofar like no other" - Stephen Smoliar (Examiner) "Like a museum filled with two-headed sheep in glass jars, Shofar Rags is too full of marvels to be ignored" - Dominy Clements (MusicWeb International) "Deep and/or marvelously insane" - Héctor Cabrero "A masterpiece" - Denis Philippe "Inventive unpicking and repurposing ..." - Abi Bliss (The Wire) "Fantastic album . . . absolutely staggering. . . . Curran makes this unwieldy instrument come to life in the most gripping and moving way." - Stef Gijssels (Free Jazz Collective) "Magnificent, sumptuously colored … amazing and incredible" - Hans Plesch (Radio Z) "an alternative world, one that recasts one’s experiences and perceptions of time, space, and the voice of the shofar itself" - Tamar Barzel, Jewish Book Council - among the best of 2013 for Stef Gijssels, Ettore Garzia, and Daniel Varela. Listen to excerpts: Shofar Puro Alap, Shofar x 17, Shofar T Tam, Alef Bet Gimel Shofar, Shin Far Shofar 1, Shofar der Zeit, Shin Far Shofar 2

Il Bestiario, sung by Maria Monti, 1974 RCA Italiana LP reissued on CD by Unseen Worlds Records - UW08 Ltd Edition Mini-LP CD, 2012 and on vinyl by Holiday Records HOL-105. "A great record" - Clifford Allen "The music is exquisite" - Massimo Ricci (Touching Extremes) "A small jewel to rediscover" - Enrico Bettinello "Remarkable" - Ned Raggett Listen to an excerpt. "A near perfect emblem of the fascinating territory gained through collaboration….Absolutely essential on every count" - soundohm

Alvin Curran: Solo Works - The '70s. Includes Songs and Views from the Magnetic Garden (excerpt), Fiori Chiari Fiori Oscuri (excerpt), Canti Illuminati (excerpt), and The Works (excerpt). "A perfect balance between patient construction and spontaneous gesture….rich and evocative." Pierre-Yves Macé ( "Intense poetic power….A major musical event" - Julian Cowley (The Wire) "A superb and generous gift from New World Records…Mad, radiant, creative joy." - Denis Philippe (Radio Primitive) "Patiently unfolding and eminently sensual" - Ferran Cuadras (arsonal) "Always richly animated and alive...a gorgeous blanket of sound which you can pull over yourself like a big duvet....Influential on generations then as they can be today." - Dominy Clements (MusicWeb international) "A new kind of solo music…unsettling and serene at the same time. … Few...have as much magic and poetry as these four musical marvels." - Frank J. Oteri "Still sounds totally fresh 40 years later" - newmusicbox "Although his piano playing is occasionally dazzling, Curran’s real virtuosity arguably lies in layering and sequencing the constituent parts of a given piece." - Bill Shoemaker (point of departure). " "The sense of timing Curran mastered as a jazz pianist is the magic ingredient" - Dan Warburton (Paris Transatlantic Review) "Groundbreaking" - Mark van de Voort (De Concertzender "Powerful." - Antonio Celaya (Chamber Musician Today) "nothing short of a revelation" - Jeff Jackson (Valley Advocate) "A universe of loving memories..." - Pierre Élie Mamou (Diverdi). "Ego is put aside here in Alvin Curran's searching reflections on everyday life… Everything [Keith] Jarrett was trying to do but about a million times better." - Philip Clark (Gramophone) "Every so often I stumble across an album that just completely floors me…frighteningly beautiful" - The Sixth Ear "Shame on me for neglecting Alvin Curran's work for so long" - Rob Haskins (The American Record Guide)
Among The Best of the year for Clifford Allen, Akteon, Nate Wooley, Mark van de Voort, Keiichi Fukushima, and The Wire (Best Archive Releases, Best Modern Composition), New World Records 3-CD set, 80713, 2010, and digital album.

Under the Fig Tree/The Magic Carpet, Die Schachtel LP, ds19, 2010. Recorded 1972 and 1971. "Two masterpieces" - experimedia :  “Rich and involving” - Bill Meyer (Dusted Reviews) Listen to an excerpt from Under the Fig Tree

Endangered Species, solo performance recorded live, ATOPOS CD, ATP015, 2010.



The Art of the Fluke, with Cenk Ergün. TEAR CD, TEAR004, 2007 and digital album. "Conceptual rigour facilitating a rapid stream of audio consciousness...the potential of randomness to yield its own precision becomes a thing of perpetual wonder." - Philip Clark (The Wire) "Passages of a poetry that speaks to the chaotic beauty of the world nowadays" - Robert Carl (Fanfare Magazine) "If you are interested in sampladelia, cut’n’paste and plunderphonics - or simply in cleverly designed computer music - then you wouldn’t want to miss this obscure gem" - Massimo Ricci [listen to excerpt]


Toto Angelica, solo performance. I Dischi di Angelica CD, IDA020, distrib. ReR. 2005, and digital album"Wild, heavy and fast." - Tom Sekowski  "Evocative and schizophrenic at the same time" - Daniele Follero " One of the most forward-thinking composers in modern music....Curran's penchant to carefully consider all of the elements at his disposal left him with a full palette of possibilities for excellence and innovation" - Chris Cutler (ReR) “One of the most creative musical minds at work today” - gapplegate music review [listen to excerpt]


Inner Cities, complete series 1-11 (1991-2003). Daan Vandewalle, piano. Long Distance Records 4-CD set (distrib. Harmonia Mundi), LDC 0560304, 2005, and digital album. "Monumental...staggering performance" "Vast and all-consuming" - Alex Ross "Kick-ass music...sprawling masterpiece...stellar release" "music in a constant state of pure self-realization" - Randy Nordschow (New Music Box) "Deeply intriguing and wonderfully engrossing...Like a great 1000 page novel" - one of year's 4 best recordings - "One of the great piano cycles of the late 20th C." - Richard Friedman (Other Minds) "by turns charming, maddening, annoying, gorgeous, funny, thoughtful, reckless, tedious, dull, stunning" - Stephen V. Funk ( "A true masterpiece " - Sylvain Chauveau "Worth a lot more than a Rauschenberg" - David Wolman (Fanfare Magazine) "Vast desert spaces...a rich and powerful trip" - Robert Carl "Pure and miraculous immanence" - Denis Philippe (Radio Primitive) "Intermittently astonishing" - Kyle Gann "Heavenly lengths...the musical equivalent of watching a glacier lyrically melt" - Allen Gimbel (American Record Guide)  [liner notes]  [listen to excerpt from Inner Cities 4] [Inner Cities 8] [Inner Cities 10] [Inner Cities 11]

Vindobona Blues, Kunstradio ORF limited edition, 2005

Lost Marbles, Selected fragments of orchestral, choral, solo keyboard, electronic and installation works created over 15 years. Tzadik CD, TZ 7097, 2004 and digital album. Tracks: Toto Angelica, Music Is Not Music, Maritime Rites-wasserkorso, For Mg, In Hora Mortis, Endangered Species, Pittura Fresca, Inner Cities 2, Erat Verbum John, Romulus And Remus Make A Ruckus, Return To Sender. "One of the most fun packed outings on Tzadik in recent years." - Dan Warburton  "A joyous record of spilled food, burst pipes, torn clothes, unruly crowds, careful conversation and old treasured photographs" – The WIRE.  Featured as hott by Alex Ross, top 50 by the WIRE, a CD of the year by “Philippe Robert (L'Oreille en coin”, and among the Best 15 of 2004 by Sound Projector (Resonance 104.4 FM) "A standout record of 2004...the kind of range and depth we rarely hear in modern music...beguiling and oddly complete in its eccentricities" Keith Kawaii (Tiny Mix Tapes) "just the right way into his creative world" - Joshua Kosman (SF Chronicle) "sumptuous and ambiguous...a stunner...absolutely beautiful" – Ed Pinsent (Sound Projector) "Overall rating: 5" - Neue Zeitschrift für Musik

Maritime Rites, ten environmental concerts produced by National Public Radio.  New World Records 2-CD set, NW 80625, 2004 and digital album (originally distributed on cassettes by Deep Listening Foundation cassettes, 1984). "A drop-dead masterpiece you cannot afford to be without." - Dan Warburton  "Hazily, desolately beautiful." - Peter Marsh (BBC)  "A series of extraordinary pieces" – The WIRE. "Fascinating...As one old salt put it, you need to ''trust the fog.''" - Art Lange (Fanfare)  "Rich, evocative, highly sensory...This is music in its own category." - François Couture (All Music Guide) Top 10 of 2004 for Forced Exposure's Tim Leanse and for Daniel Varela of Perfect Sound Forever. Winning releases, Modern Composition A-Z, 2005 (The WIRE). Record of the year 2005 for Julian Cowley “Insanely evocative” – Arcane Candy "Remarkable and stimulating" - Dominy Clements (MusicWeb International) [liner notes, liner note essay by David Toop] [listen to excerpt with AC soloist] [excerpt with Steve Lacy soloist]

Canti Illuminati, solo performance. Fore LP reissued as Fringes Recordings CD, Archive 02, 2004. Further reissued on Alvin Curran: Solo Works - The '70s, 2010, above. "Exquisitely beautiful." - Michael Klausman (Other Music) "Rimbaudian voyage in a sea of sounds...An indispensable recording" - Denis Philippe (Radio Primitive)  "A work of rare beauty and importance ." - Sands Zine  "hypnotic, disorienting and alluring …21st-century musical theater…using the full range of vocal techniques and electronic transformative possibilities" –- John Rockwell (NY Times) [liner notes] [listen to excerpt]


Our Ur (Someone to Watch Over What and Rue de la Gare 76), with Domenico Sciajno. Rossbin Production CD, RS015, 2004. "Strange, eerie zones of concentrated stillness" – The WIRE "Someone to Watch Over What... is a dense, startling composition, with ingenuity of structure and shrewdness of intent. Meaning is packed into every second; there's clear, intellectual progression of the ideas, like a well-written essay with well-presented argument. And it's exciting and impassioned, with a (warped) sense of humour undercutting everything" – Ed Pinsent (Sound Projector) "Enticing interplay, balancing nimbly between arbitrariness and subtle intent" --Ars Electronica jury (awarding an Honorable Mention) [liner notes] [listen to excerpt]

ABO: Un Ritratto Sonoro. Companion CD to the book, Lezione di boxe: Dieci round sull'arte contemporanea, by Achille Bonito Oliva, Luca Sossella publishers, Rome, 2004. [listen to excerpt] (book/CD box set available from the composer)

Maritime Rites, with Cenk Ergün. Artship Recordings mini-CD, CD50, 2002.[listen to excerpt]


May I Now (18 Questions in the Space of an Answer), for the Margaret Jenkins Dance Ensemble, Fred Frith, guitar, Joan Jeanrenaud, cello and William Winant, percussion. MJDE limited edition, 2001.  [listen to excerpt 1] [excerpt 2] [excerpt 3]

Theme Park (includes Charlie's Park), percussion quartet with electronics, William Winant percussion. Tzadik CD, TZ 7039, 1998 and digital album. "superhuman layers of intricate architecture" – Downtown Music Gallery Noozletter [liner notes] [listen to excerpt 1] [excerpt 2] [excerpt 3] [excerpt 4]


Animal Behavior (liner notes) (includes Why is this Night Different from All Other Nights [liner notes]), with William Winant percussion. Tzadik CD, TZ 7001, 1995 and digital album. "Powerful" - Stacia Pruefrock (All Music Guide) "Two spectacular pieces of music" Keeril Makan [listen to excerpt from Animal Behavior; excerpt from Why is This Night...]

Yvar Mikhashoff plays Alvin Curran: Piano Works (For Cornelius, The Last Acts of Julian Beck, Schtetl Variations ). Yvar Mikhashoff piano. Mode Records CD, 49, 1995. "evocative and lovely" - Brian Olewnick (All Music Guide) "An essential piano disc!...magnificent" - Radio Primitive  [Schtetl variations liner notes] ]For Cornelius liner notes] [listen to Last Acts excerpt 1] [excerpt 2] [For Cornelius excerpt 1] [excerpt 2] [excerpt 3] [Schtetl Variations, excerpt 1] [excerpt 2]

Schtyx (includes VSTO), Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio and String Quartet. CRI CD, 668, 1994. Reissue as New World Records CD NWCR668, 2007 and digital album. "Lyrical, explosive, moving" - EMF  "wonderfully meandering…a wildly associative interior monologue in music" –- Joshua Kosman (SF Chronicle) VSTO: "hypnotic and moving" - Raymond Ericson (American Music Guide) [liner notes] [listen to Schtyx excerpt 1] [excerpt 2] [excerpt 3] [VSTO excerpt 1] [excerpt 2] See video of excerpts from a different performance on Listen page.

Crystal Psalms, for six European radio station choruses and ensembles 1994, New Albion CD, NA 067 and digital album. Excerpt reissued on Ars Acustica EBU Selection 1991, European Broadcasting Union CD, 1991. "A legend in radio history." - Jeanne Acceturo (Epitonic) "A great sonic document." "An extraordinary, moving and disturbing meditation" – The WIRE “"Big-impact music"”- Kyle Gann (Village Voice) "Sprawlingly gigantic, enormously moving work. It should not be missed" - Grego Applegate Edwards  [liner notes] [listen to excerpt 1] [excerpt 2]

Songs and Views from the Magnetic Garden, solo performance. Ananda LP (as Canti e Vedute del Giardino Magnetico) reissued as Catalyst BMG CD, 09026-61823-2, 1993. " . . . rockpool mysteriousness" – the WIRE "Evocative and curiously lyrical" "Unlikely elements flow into one another efforlessly . . . captivating listening" –- Robert Palmer (NY Times) "Wierdly beautiful"- Roxane Orgill (The Wall Street Journal) "A brilliant composer . . . all the hallmarks of genius" - Classic CD   "Sumptuous, detailed and unabashedly beautiful" –- Joshua Kosman (SF Chronicle) "An unusual beauty: focussed and expansive, casual and precise, experimental and warmly human" –- David Garland  "So far ahead of its time that you’d need Stephen Hawking to work out the physics." – The WIRE "If you haven't heard it, you should." - gapplegate music review  [Listen to excerpt 1] [excerpt 2] [excerpt 3]

Electric Rags II, Rova Sax Quartet. New Albion CD, NA 027, 1989 and digital album. "A mighty earful" – The WIRE "Revitalized me" - Steve Koenig  "A real encyclopedia of saxophone writing" - Steve Adams "A haunting and powerful piece, superbly performed" - Nick Didkovsky "May bring you to another place in how you view your world" - grego applegate edwards [listen to excerpt 1] [excerpt 2]

For Cornelius and Era Ora, Ursula Oppens and Frederic Rzewski, pianos. New Albion LP, NA 011, 1986. "An engrossing album " "[For Cornelius]...very beautiful, song-like introduction and ending with a peaceful chorale. These sections bracket a roiling maelstrom of gradually shifting harmonics" –- Brian Olewnick (All Music Guide) "For Cornelius, a sweet neo-Ravelian elegy... is particularly affecting" –- Tim Page (NY Times)

Field It and Lenz, Radio Art Foundation cassette, Amsterdam, 1984/85.



Natural History, Edition Giannozzo cassette, Berlin, 1984. Reissued as LP 2016, above.


Canti Illuminati, Fore LP, FORE80/7, Raretone Music Library, Milan, 1982. Reissued as CD 2004, and on Alvin Curran: Solo Works - The '70s, 2010, above.


The Works, Fore LP, FORE80/TWO, Raretone Music Library, Milan, 1980. Reissued on Alvin Curran: Solo Works - The '70s, 2010, above. (liner notes) [listen to excerpt]

Le Cinque Stagioni, RCA 7" 45 rpm, 1976.



Fiori Chiari Fiori Oscuri (Light Flowers Dark Flowers), Ananda LP, AND 4, 1978. Reissued on Alvin Curran: Solo Works - The '70s, 2010, above. "a compelling subliminal musical consciousness... Mr. Curran's eclecticism is not willful; his sounds are there because they fit, and they convey a subtle and ingratiating sense of mysticism." –- Tim Page (NY Times) [listen to excerpt]

Canti e Vedute del Giardino Magnetico, Ananda LP, AND 1, 1975. Reissued on CD as Songs and Views from the Magnetic Garden, 1993, and Alvin Curran: Solo Works - The '70s, 2010, and on LP in 2018, above.

The Magic Carpet, Source Record number 6, supplement in Source, music of the avant garde, Sacramento, California, No.9, 1971. Reissued on Pogus CD 2008, below. “A vast variety of naturally spatialized timbres” - Scala Tympani [listen to excerpt]




Music Elettronica Viva- Spacecraft, recorded in Cologne in 1967 and originally released by Alga Marghen on CD, rereleased on LP by Our Swimmer, welle 104LP, 2021 


Musica Elettronica Viva - Symphony No 108, Live at Brno Philharmonic, Hermes' Ear ‎- HE CD 015 / aSB 03, 2017 "Convulsive beauty" - Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg


Musica Elettronica Viva - Symphony No 106, Les Disques Victo, 2016 VICTO CD 129, 2016, and digital album "a compelling listen” squidsear (Matt Schultz)


MEV - Symphony No. 105, a Café Oto download available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC, 2016


AMM/MEV: Live Electronic Music Improvised, Mainstream LP reissued on Earle Brown: A Life in Music - vol. 1, WERGO CD, WER 69282, 2009. "one of the top electronic albums of the 1960s" - Koldo Barroso


MEV40, with Karl Berger, Allan Bryant, Steve Lacy, George Lewis, Garrett List, Carol Plantamura, Gregory Reeve, Frederic Rzewski, Richard Teitelbaum, Ivan Vandor. New World Records 4-CD set, 80675, 2008. Recorded 1967-2007. "Marvellous" - The Wire (Julian Cowley) "Splendid" - Paris Transatlantic Magazine (Don Warburton) "Matchless!" - Sound Projector (Ed Pinsent) "Impressive, unexpected, welcome" - Point of Departure (Art Lange) "i feel like a kid in a candy store" - Keith Fullerton Whitman (Best of 2008 list) "Don't miss MEV40" - The Stranger, Seattle (Christopher DeLaurenti) "A music of friendly anarchy, whose imaginative space expanded through the decades...Mystic rabbis...conjuring their magic gardens" - Signal to Noise (Jason Weiss) "Forget pop and rock. MEV is the only really interesting music" - cut-up (Dennis Schulting) "For young musicians in search of adventurous roots, it’s a must" - Fanfare Magazine(Robert Carl) "The power of the group’s collective will forced a graphic and sonically lurid new perspective on musical syntax to emerge" - Gramophone (Philip Clark) "These are improvisers of the highest order, and their engagement with one another is an object lesson in musicality" - Artforum (Damon Krukowski) " "An essential listening experience" - brainwashed (Justin Patrick) "A whole monument to improvised music." - la vanguardia (Javier Palacio) "40 long and glorious years" - Amadeus (Michele Coralli) Listen to excerpts from Stop the War   Ferrara concert  Kunstmuseum Bern concert   New Music America Festival concert Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam concert 1 Stedelijk concert 2

Friday.With Frederic Rzewski, Richard Teitelbaum, Franco Cataldi, Gunther Carius. Polydor LP reissued as Alga Marghen CD ALGA 073CD, 2008.


apogee - MEV/AMM, with Frederic Rzewski, Richard Teitelbaum, Eddie Prévost, Keith Rowe, John Tilbury. Matchless Recordings CD, MRCD61, 2005. "These are the finest players of this improvisatory mode, and Apogee contains some of the best music any of them has ever put on record" – The WIRE.   "fascinatingly detailed...fascinating partnership" - Colin Buttimer (Jazzwise) Winning releases, Jazz & Improv A-Z, 2005, The WIRE. [listen to MEV excerpt]

Spacecraft/Unified Patchwork Theory, (Spacecraft recorded 1967 in Cologne, UPT recorded 1990). Alga Marghen CD, Plana-M 15NMN.038, 2001. "Ecstatic bliss." - Jeff Gibson (Other Music) "Too short!" - Doug Walker (Aural Innovations) ""In a word: seminal." - Darren Bergstein (squid's ear) [listen to excerpt]

The Sound Pool, with MEV, Spalax CD14969, 1998. Recorded 1969.  "A historic avant-noise document!" [listen to excerpt]


United Patchwork, Horo 2-LP set, 1980.

AMM/MEV, Live Electronic Music Improvised, Mainstream LP, MS/5002, 1968. Reissued on CD 2009, above. 

Friday, Polydor, 1969. Reissued on CD 2008, above.

The Soundpool, BYG Actuel LP, series #26 GET 326-1, 1970. Reissued on CD 1998, above.

The Original MEV CD. IRML
MEV Rome Cansrt. IRML
MEV Pieces. IRML



The Beat 72 Lost Date eargong records EG01CD, 2020 and EG01LP, 2021, a 1973 concert with AC, Roberto Laneri, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Frances-Marie Uitti, Tony Ackerman, Bruno Tommaso - “An exceptional ensemble.” - Jacopo Benci, “Classic Rock” (Italian edition), no. 99, Feb 2021, p. 99


Rome-Ing, Recorded live at Casa del Jazz, Rome, November 22nd, 2018 with Urs Leimgruber, Andreas Willers, and Fabrizio Spera, CD and digital album, Leo Records LR 872, 2019. "Mind-altering journey" - Glenn Astarita for All About Jazz; "A fine album of eclectic music with a unique and exhilarating sound" - Ken Cheetham for Jazz Views; "Creative unity among sophisticated musicians" - Ken Waxman for The Whole Note



"Rose of Beans" fragment on Dream: American Music for Electric Guitar, Sergio Sorrentino, Mode Records mode301, 2018

Dorrit Bauerecker plays Inner Cities 3, 5, and 9 on "from INNER CITIES," KALEIDOS Musikeditionen. KAL6336-2, 2017


"12.10.16," Alvin Curran/Massimo Pupillo live at the Café Oto in London - DS077 download, 2017



Alvin Curran / Gordon Monahan “For Leoš’s Piano,” HERMES EAR, HECD 014, 2015


MMM Quartet Joelle Leandre / Fred Frith / Alvin Curran / Urs Leimgruber. OAKLAND/LISBOA. RogueArt Records, ROG-0063, 2015 "A barrel load of  talent, passion,  technique, and most importantly  FREEDOM." - JA Besche (The Free Jazz Collective) "Great stuff" - Tim Owen (Dalston Sound


For Cornelius, performed by Yvar Mikhashoff on Panorama of American Piano Music: From Antheil to Zappa, 1911 to 1991, Mode 262/65, 2013

Sonic Shuffle - The App release, an interactive application by Domenico Sciajno, Bowindo Recordings, 2013


Bang Zoom, performed by William Winant on Five American Percussion Pieces, Poon Village LP, PV 007LP, 2013. "The main thing to know about the music here. . . is that it is mind-clearingly beautiful." - Ben Ratcliffe (NY Times)

Underwater Princess Waltz and Her Waltzing with Her, performed by Zwerm on Underwater Princess Waltz, New World Records 80748, 2013. "A nice surprise" - Seth Colter Walls "Lovely, entrancing, ethereal" - The Answer is In the Beat

Eighteenth and Sixth, on Membra Disjecta for John Cage: Wanting to Say Something About John, Jozef Cseres, 2012


Segments (POPtraits, Vol. 1) with Paolo Tofani and Mauro Tespio, Cramps Records / Believe Digital, Contemporary Music Collection, 2012, and digital album


MMM Quartet Joelle Leandre / Fred Frith / Alvin Curran / Urs Leimgruber - Live At The Metz' Arsenal - LEO RECORDS LR 631, 2012 "A terrific release" - Troy Dostert "These artists  are  among  the  best  in  the  business,  irrefutably  meeting  or  even  exceeding  expectations" - Bluesky


Madonna and Child, performed by Manuel Zurria on Loops4ever - Mazagran mz001, 2011



Strum City, performed by Joergen Brilling on Ripples - Minimalistic Music For Multiple Guitars, Pirol, 2011

TransDadaExpress concert recording (2007 W Russolo festival), on Musica Futurista vol 5, Mudima/Cramps Records, 2010

Sage Iconic Silt, on Lontano - Homage to Giacinto Scelsi, Stefano Tedesco CD, 2010.

Arnold Meets Steve at the Five Spot, Daan Vandewalle, piano, on companion CD no. 2 to the book Tone Roads Piano Book, Daniel Matej and Peter Zagar, eds., International Society for Contemporary Music, Bratislava, 2009 [listen to excerpt]

TransDadaExpress 2 – Extraordinary Renderings (extract), on the companion CD to the book The Limits of Composition?, Carmen Pardo and Makis Solomos, eds., La Casa Encendida, Madrid, 2009.

The Magic Carpet, reissued on SOURCE, music of the avant garde: Source Records 1-6, 1968-1971, Pogus Productions 2-CD set, P21050-2, 2008. "Completely enchanting" - Bruce Lee Gallanter (Downtown Music Gallery) "A magical forest of sonorities" - New Music Box (Frank Oteri) [listen to excerpt]

Strum City, Seth Josel, guitar, on The Stroke That Kills, "Epic and melancholic" - Empedocle75. "Impressive intensity" - Neue Zeitschrift für Musik. New World Records CD, 80661, 2008.

Beach Crossings/Pacific Footprints, with Mike Cooper and friends, RAI Trade CD, RPTJ 0010, 2007


A Room in Rome (from Music For Every Occasion), Luca Miti, piano, on Just Before Dawn, ants CD AG-10, 2005

Hope Street Tunnel Blues III and "Inner Cities II," Bruce Brubaker, piano, on Hope Street Tunnel Blues, Arabesque Recordings Z6798, 2007 and digital album "rhetorical grandeur...grandly repetitive" - Joshua Kosman (SF Chronicle) [listen to a HSTB excerpt]

Deine Stimme in meinem Kopf on One Night Band: Embodiment - performing on keyboards voice and electronics with Mia Zabelka and Pauline Oliveros. Extraplatte CD, EX 707-2, 2007.

Tango No. 1, Aki Takahashi, piano, on Hesitation-Tango:  Tango Collection 1890-2005, Camerata CD, CMCD-28105, 2005. [listen to excerpt]

For Cornelius, Gabriella Smart, piano, on Chinese Whispers and other contemporary dance music, Move Records CD, MD3296, 2005.


Rot, by Domenico Guaccero, performing with Michiko Hirayama and Walter Branchi. Die Schachtel LP, DIES 005LP, 2004. Recorded 1971-73.


Bang Zoom, William Winant, tuned cowbells (excerpt), on Just Drums II Project, Fever Pitch Music & Magazine CD, 2004.


Inner Cities I and Endangered Species, Bruce Brubaker, piano, on Inner Cities, Arabesque Recordings CD, Z6776, 2003. "genuinely beautiful" - Peter Burwasser "Moody, audaciously lovely reflections" - Joshua Kosman (SF Chronicle) "Magnificent." - Denis Philippe

John Cage - James Joyce, Marcel Duchamp, Erik Satie: An Alphabet, performing as speaking voice. WERGO Ars Acustica CD, WER 6310-2, 2003.


Erat Verbum Alpha, live keyboard electronics (excerpt) and For Julian (excerpt), on riverrun: voicings/soundscapes by Klaus Schöning. WERGO Ars Acustica 2-CD set, WDR LC 00846, 1999. For Julian excerpt also on Musik für Radio – Das Studio akustische Kunst des WDR, CD 522 of the series Musik in Deutschland 1950-2000, RCA Red Seal, 74321 73522 2, 2001. [listen to EVA excerpt] [listen to FJ excerpt]

Songs on one, two, three, four or more notes, solo performance on piano, voice, and synthesizer (excerpt), on Apollo and Marsyas: Het Apollohuis 1980-1997 - An anthology of new music concerts. Het Apollohuis / Apollo Records CD, ACD 090218, 2002. Recorded 1987. Also available with the book Het Apollohuis 1995-2001, Het Apollohuis, Eindhoven, 2004 [listen to excerpt]

Genetically Altered Radio (excerpt), P-art Project-12 Portraits CD, 001/1, Belgium 2002. [listen to excerpt]


Zonacalda, performing on piano and shofar with Pierluigi Castellano. Pogus CD, Ant06 CDR, 2002.


Spare Ribs and Short Circuits, for live keyboard, sampler, and powerbook, on Oasis: Music from Mills 2001. Mills College CD, CD004. Oakland, 2001. [listen to excerpt]


Erat Verbum John, for live keyboard electronics (excerpt), on State of the Union 2.001. Electronic Music Foundation Emf Media 3-CD set, EM128-3, 2001. [listen to excerpt]


Canti Illuminati, for voice and synthesizer (excerpt), on OHM: the early gurus of electronic music: 1948-1980, ellipsis arts 3-CD set, CD3670, 2000.


Digital Crossings, with William O.Smith and Paolo Ravaglia, Eclettico, 2000.

Endangered Species, live keyboard electronics (performance excerpt) on Ruido, Ex Teresa Arte Actual-CONACULTA-INBA CD, 1999.

For Cornelius, Jeanne Golan, piano, on Time Tracks, Albany Records CD, 3406102112, 1999 "similar to the Beethoven in its dramaturgical profile-its route from lyricism to hymn-like resolution" - Arved Ashby (American Record Guide)

For Cornelius, Eve Egoyan, piano, on The Things In Between, Artifact CD, ART 019, 1999. [listen to excerpt 1] [excerpt 2]


A Phault is a fault is a falt, with William Winant, on Because Tomorrow Comes CD Zine, Cologne 1998. [listen to excerpt]

Endangered Species Topolo, for sampling keyboard (excerpt), on Stazione di Topolo CD, CD 01, 1998.

Fault (excerpt) on companion CD to the book Crayon, Festschrift for Jackson MacLow's 75th Birthday, Crayon, 1997.


Animal Behavior, on Cdcm Computer Music Series Vol 17 - Music From Center for Contemporary Music at Mills, Centaur Records CD, 2195, 1995.

Electric Rags III, ensemble version, with The Hub ensemble (excerpt), on The Hub: Wreckin' Ball, Artifact CD, ART 1008, 1994.

First Octave, David Keberle clarinet/Curran electronics, on Il Clarinetto, BMG Ariola CD, CCD 3008, 1992. [listen to excerpt]

No World (Trio), with Joe Celli and Jin Hi Kim, O.O. Records CD, 004, 1991.


When I'm Sixty Four (arrangement), Aki Takahashi, piano, on Hyper Beatles, Toshiba-EMI/Angel CD, 7-54155-2, 1990. "Real dazzler" - Mark Swed, Wall Street Journal [listen to excerpt]


From Eleanor Rigby, Aki Takahashi, piano, on Get Back [Hyperbeatles 2], Eastworld CD, TOCE-8023), 1990. [listen to excerpt]



Amazing Cage, performing on piano and electronics. Jon Rose, Vivisection LP, Aufruhr Records, Aufruhr 67013, 1988.


Canti di Capricorno 1-19, by Giacinto Scelsi, on Thai gong with singer Michiko Hirayama. WERGO CD, WER 60127-50, 1988.

Violin Music for Restaurants, at table 13, by and with Jon Rose, Recommended Records CD, ReR BJRCD, 1987.


Threads, with Steve Lacy and Frederic Rzewski, Horo LP, 1977. Reissued as an LP by Alternative Fox, ALTERNATIVE FOX FOX 021LP, 2019 


Una donna nella società, sung by Maria Monti, PENNY, REL/LP 19405, 1979.



Realtime, with Evan Parker and Andrea Centazzo, Ictus LP, 1977. Same or related material reissued as Real Time One, New Tone Records CD, rdc 5029, 2000;  Real Time Two, New Tone Records CD, rdc 5040, 2000; and In Real Time, Ictus CD, 124, 2007. "A masterpiece." - Charles Farrell “Some of the finest examples of atmospheric improvisation put to vinyl” - Chris Rice (Halana)

Il Bestiario, sung by Maria Monti, RCA Italiana LP, RiFi RDZ ST 14245, 1974. Reissued on CD 2012, see above.


Orgonauti, evviva! - Grand Hotel Des Palmes - Effetto Puglia - War Einst Ein Wilder Wassermann - Minotaur - Roma - Rudy Berckhardt: Films

Ciao, Federico! by Gideon Bachmann, 60 min., 1969; Orgonauti, evviva! byAlberto Grifi, 20 min, 1968-70 (with MEV); Summer by Rudy Burckhardt, 1970; Max Ernst by Lorenzo Pellizzi, 1970; Heart Of The Macaw by Ginnie Becker, 1970; Zabriskie Point by Michelangelo Antonioni, 1970 (with MEV); Dentro il carcere by Emilio Sanna, Arrigo Montanari, and Mario Masini, 175 min, 1971, b/w; I Corvi by Ivo Micheli, 70 min, 1971; A Orgosolo la terra ha tremato by Giuseppe Ferrara, 21 min., 1971; Pilgrimage by Beni Montresor, 95 min, 1971; Omaggio a William Blake by Franco Brocani , 15 min, 1972; Canti Illuminati I and II by Annabella Miscuglio, 13 and 13 min, 1975; Valentino Moon by Gianni Castagnoli, 12 min, 1975; Le Cinque Stagioni, five-part television series by Gianni Amico, 1976; La nott’e’l giorno by Gianni Castagnoli, 90 min, 1976; Grand Hotel Des Palmes by Meme Perlini, 1977; Marina Abramovic e Ulay: Imponderabilia by Mario Carbone, 12 min, 1977; Non è Solo un Caso, RAI television special on Maria Monti (with AC performing on screen), 1977; Artisti d’oggi: Guelfo e la torre dell’orologio by Franco Simongini and Sergio Pautasso, 1979; The School of Hard Knocks, by Jacob Burckhardt, 30 min, 1980, b/w; Lo Specchio Rovesciato by Marco Melani e Gianni Amico, 2 h, 1981; This Object by Jacob Burckhardt, 42 min, 1982; Small Circles Great Plains by Molly Davies/Sage Cowles ("Lenz"), 1985; A futura memoria: Pier Paolo Pasolini by Ivo Barnabò Micheli, 117 min, 1986; Effetto Puglia by Annabella Miscuglio, 26 min, 1987; Amici by Gianni Amico, 8 min, 1987; Ostensibly by Rudy Burckhardt, 16 min, 1989 (For Cornelius, Era Ora; newly available on Rudy Burckhardt: Films, MICROCINEMA MC 1305DVD, 2012); Nature in New York City by Paul Ryan, 27 min. 1989; Oventic:  Construyendo Dignidad by Carlos Martinez Suarez, 35 min, 1996; War Einst Ein Wilder Wassermann (Shadows of Memory) by Claudia van Alemann, 43 min, 2000; Round Trip by Anna Muskardin, 2000, 10:48; Medicina e Misteri by Franco Brocani, 2002; Uno Stalker A Roma documentary on Victor Cavallo by Luca Fantasia, 2002; Rudy Burckhardt:  Man in the Woods by Vivien Bittencourt, 24 min, 2003; Caravaggio -- L'Ultimo Tempo 1606-1610 by Mario Martone, 20 min, 2004; Ombre dal Lupercale (Shadows from the Realm of Wolves) by Maureen Selwood, 2006; H2O #2 by Ira Schneider, 10:45, 2007 (For Cornelius); The Surface v.3 by Jacob Burckhardt, 45-60 min, 2007, b/w; Coletivo Planalto by Gustavo Serrate, 4 min, 2007; Transfert per camera verso Virulentia by Alberto Grifi, 21 min, 2007; wallsCAGEwalls by Roberto Masotti, 28 min., 2008; Homicida é! by Gustavo Serrate, 17 min., 2008; Burlesque by Tim Shore, 10:45, 2008; Octograms by Newt Hinton, 1 min, 2008; Endangered Species by Ira Schneider, 14:34, 2009; H2O #12 by Ira Schneider, 7:25, 2009 (Endangered Species); Minotaur by Paolo Buggiani and Cinzia Sarto, 7 min, 2009; Living Room Music by Theo Eshetu, based on the making of the radio piece of the same name, 30 min., 2010; Roma by Theo Eshetu, 55 min., 2010; B and B and B by Jacob Burckhardt, 10:00 (sound recordings 1989); Edith. Alvin.Covers by Mike Cooper, 2:47, 2012; Grand Piano from "For Cornelius" a live transformation by Reinier van Houdt, 11:15, 2012; dialoghi a distanza by Pietro D' Agostino and Gianluigi Bartolini, 2012; E42by Cynthia Madansky, 33 min, 2015; Filmstudio Mon Amour by Toni D’Angelo, 68 min, 2015; My Italy by Bruno Colella, 97 min, 2017; Walked The Way Home by Eric Baudelaire, 26 min, 2018; Mirabilia Urbis by Milo Adami, 19 min, 2018; Conversations With A Cactus by Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky, 2018 ; The Glove by Eric Baudelaire 8 min, 2020; When There's No More Music to Write by Eric Baudelaire (2020)

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