by Alvin Curran

[photo of installation] [photo of installation]

THE TWENTIETH CENTURY (see photos) was commissioned by the Donaueschingen Festival 1996, and installed in the Pavillon of the Schloss Park. This work features an "imprisoned" Yamaha Diskklavier played via computer program, (a huge MAX patch by Stefan Tiedje and myself) which in turn produces a rich musical tapestry in constant evolution - spanning the naive and utterly simple, to complexities of speed, density and dynamic beyond any human possibilities. Originally the piano is set inside a zoo cage, on a pile of hay in some precarious position (minus two legs). In or out of the cage, the work is particularly suitable to any public space: from an elegant theater foyer, to large empty industrial space, to museum galleries, to an open air plaza. It could also easily be incorporated as an object d'art, set design and music for any dance or theatrical collaboration. (program notes) Listen to an excerpt.

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