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Download a 1000-word resumé (in pdf format), updated as of October 2019
Download a 300-word version (pdf), updated as of October 2019
Scaricare una breve biografia in italiano: versione a 1000 parole (pdf, ottobre 2019), a 300 parole (pdf, ottobre 2019)

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In Südwestrundfunk studio, Baden-Baden, 2006. Photos Frank Halbig.

At Mills College, Oakland, 1996. Photos Marion Grey.

Ferrara, 2002. Photos Claudio Casanova.

left: during performance of Oh Brass On the Grass Alas, Donaueschingen, October 2006. Photo Hans Kumpf.
right: at the D-22 in Beijing, September 2006. Photo Susan Levenstein.

At home in Rome, December 2009. Photos Amedeo Castellani.

At the Baths of Caracalla, Rome, October 2018. Photo Fabio Caricchia.
Contact web curator for high-res versions without overlaid text.

Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, March 2009. Photo Susan Levenstein.

Rome, March 2012. Photos Angela Caitlin.

Rome, July 2012. Photos Mariateresa Barbieri.

Fremantle, August 2013. Photo Susan Levenstein.

Alvin Curran, performance at Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, March 2016. Photographs © Ian Douglas.

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